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Atlas ESR70 Features

  • measure capacitance and esr
  • new better dynamic vary of zero.00 to forty.0 ohms
  • esr resolution as positive as 0.01 ohms!
  • supports capacitors from 1uf to 22,000uf
  • capable of in-circuit size of esr
  • Atlas ESR70 Overview

    This inexperienced variation introduces fresh features together with “audible alerts” and enhanced measurement vary. Every dimension of esr will be shown on the show as usual, however the unit will additionally compose a selection of tones depending on the value of esr. And the tones themselves are fantastically exceptional, including “bell-like” pings, and also a “beep-barp” kind tone for esr that is more probably to be too high. There is also a reassuring “blip” when the dimension has began and completed.

    the esr dimension range has additionally been greater, now doubled, measuring from zero to 40 ohms along a resolution as low as 0.01 ohms. This remarkably high quality resolution is excellent for assessing huge capacitors and even allows you to use the atlas esr+ for tracing short-circuits and discovering the correct area of a pcb that has that indiscernible wisp of solder.

    great carrier aid
    measuring a capacitor’s esr (equivalent sequence resistance) is a superb indicator of capacitor situation. The atlas esr70 supplys speedy consequences, simply connect the probes and press take a seem at. you can even apply the atlas esr70 in-circuit, salvage you the difficulty of doing away accompanying capacitors. When trying out capacitors out-of-circuit, the unit may even show the capacitance.

    all you need
    traditionally, esr generally is a tricky factor to part, which is a disgrace, it’s a very useful diagnostic parameter. in fact, esr meters are on hand from more than a few sources, many are very famous in the restore sector, however the atlas esr70 is more than simply every other esr meter. For a start, it’s sensible, each in seems to be and in brain. it would possibly most probably quantum and compensate for the final results of measuring in-circuit, it also is conscious of that you don’t want to be hassled together with capacitor polarity.

    this unit is designed accompanying the true world in mind. Any capacitors may also be expensed up, loads, but the atlas esr70 does not thoughts. in case your capacitor is expensed, the unit will robotically perform a managed discharge procedure before measuring the capacitance and esr.

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